Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More on Find in Germany VS France

I am now used to the differences in finds between France and my part of Germany (Berlin and surrounding areas)

In France, lace bits abound. They were everywhere and it was great fun to buy them. That same lace bit in Berlin is costs 10 times more! Quite the culture shock.

So let's talk about the differences of what I find here in Germany vs France.

I have already mentioned lace bits. Gone are these days where I have mounds of it in the sewing room.
It just does not exist here in quantity and when found is way over the top expensive.

What is not in most picture from France are buttons. Buttons when I found them
were not something I would buy. I did buy a card of buttons here:
I have not used them yet. I need that just right project for them. 

The norm has been a lack of the type of buttons I would use for my projects. I would like Mother or Pearl and vintage glass buttons or for that matter any sort of interesting buttons. I quit looking in France since when I did find them it they were priced like the lace bits are here.

So what does one find here? Interestingly embroidered tablecloths are everywhere. So abundant are they that I can be picky about what I buy. Here is a nice selection of some of them now in my collection for a future project:
I have already mentioned buttons:
These mostly fall in the interesting category.  But there are some real jems hidden in that stack. A few of the buttons have been used already. 

Here are some Mother of Pearl buttons I was able to use on the crazy patch block I just finished:

Here from is another block:
The above block is a work in progress right now

Other types of finds are pillowcases and tablecloths. all of the embroidered ones in the earlier picture are either table clothes or pillow cases. One can also find white on white embroidery as well. Here is a set I found at a flea market:
Other finds were ready made somewhat vintage embroidery motifs. What a time saver. They will keep me from embroidering them myself or having to dye modern ones to match my latest project.
Oh and since I am talking about crazy patch blocks. I finished the first one to my project. Only 15 to go!
Here are a couple of closeups:

Lastly, thank you for your comments about my last blog on my remake of the By Popular Demand shirt. Now all I need is some warm weather to wear it!


  1. So pretty! Can't wait to see the next one!

  2. your crazy patch is just lovely

  3. Lovely block I like the cast on stitch flowers that are worked around the bead- and those buttons are wonderful!

  4. Your block is gorgeous! Every time I look at it, I see details I missed the time before. I look forward to seeing the next one!

  5. your quilt block is intricate and delicate. We have many embroidered linens here in the US as well. I have tons of buttons and lace
    I have been trying to incorporate them into projects so I can quit hoarding them