Friday, August 7, 2015

On the Road Again!

On the road (airplane really) again! As I get ready to move yet again, the bags are being packed, and truth be told, moving keeps one from collecting too much clutter. By the time it starts it is time to go, and frankly I am looking forward to a little flughafenbegrüβungsfreude (the delight of being greeted at the airport). Not that I have not enjoyed Berlin, its been really nice.  It is just that it is time to head off to the next adventure.

Some of the last finds should not surprise. Yes more buttons:
Fun vintage linens buttons:
 Vintage linens:
As I have not been here long, I was extremely touched when the woman who runs the Sew Creative group with the Berlin International Women's Club gave me a going away gift and thank you for all of the work I had done sewing items for the Björn Schulz Stiftung (Foundation) Before you see the gift and why she gave it to me, you should also learn a little more about the foundation.

The Björn Schulz Foundation offers help for cancer and chronically ill, as well as terminally ill children , adolescents and young adults. They offer help to the whole family. Services provided go beyond those offered by the national health system. You can read more about them here (Clearly in German)

For the past 6 months I have been participating in the sewing group where we have been making various items for either the need of the organization or for an upcoming bazaar they will be having where a table will be set up to sell various items. Since being here we have sewn breadbaskets, children's clothing, shopping bags, a little stuffed animal where the child can unzip a small pocket to tell it secrets and pains and then can zip it back up so that it remains a secret, and just lately sun pillows. The sun is on the corner of the foundation's logo. Here are just a couple of them made this last meeting:
Getting back to the gift...For the past 6 months I have been on S-Bahns, U-bahns, M-Bahns and busses going to different places in town. While other people listen to music, I sew. My crazy patch "kit" I take with me when I am on the go and it looks like this:
It was observed, more than once, that I work out of a plastic bag. I know, you would expect that I would have something fancy, but I do not. Well now I do!
Thank you Beatrix! The doily was made by Beatrix's mother years ago. When she died Beatrix ended up with a pile of the and had no idea what to do with them. Then I wandered into her life 6 months ago.

With no sewing machine now it has been hard to make anything big. I have been working on Christmas ornaments:
They are almost done but will most likely all be finished at the next place I call home.

I am barely keeping up with TAST with all of the preparation to move. I will fall behind this week with the move and will be way far behind by the time I can follow along again. But I will leave you with last week's stitch, the Feather stitch:

Not much show show yet, and it is a variation, but give it time, it will grow:
Or maybe not. Might I say I have never liked this stitch? I find it hard to start and once I start I can't wait to be done. That is a bad sign for any stitch. Instead of finishing the row doing the dreaded feather stitch, I got distracted with BUTTONS!
I was given a card of them by one of the ladies in my walking group. Very plain, Very Mother of Pearl. Way too much fun not to use. The flowers need petals and I don't like what I have so far. In the mean time I have several more places for buttons on this sections. The beautiful embroidered linen strip is from an old handkerchief. It was ripped on one side. At the thrift store check out, the man behind the counter gave it to me for free since it was damaged. they have no idea what I do with this stuff do they?