Thursday, May 7, 2015

By Popular Demand, with a slight modification

 Remember this picture? It is from the blog entry titled "The Last Hurrah"
I found the medium weight linen in Berlin and the lace came from a find in Brittany. I have wanting to make something out of it and I had a Pinterest inspiration and here it is:
The top was made by an Etsy company called Linen Clothing by bonnie harris 
This one has long since sold, and for good reason.

Although pretty, I know how a tank top like that would look on me. I need a little wider on the shoulders. I am also limited for lace bits here as most of my collection is in storage until August. But I do have my Brittany find with me.

Enter in a Louise Cutting pattern called "By Popular Demand".
I really like how well they are drafted so I know I can play with them and still have something that will go together and fit well. In this pattern, I love the yellow top in the background. Someday I am going to make it as is, really...

Here is my rendition of the top.
A little bit different you say? You would be correct.  It is a size small. 

Changes made:
The pattern was lengthened by 6 inches
The bottom hem curve was eliminated
The center front neck edge was changed
Front opening was eliminated
From the center front line, 1-1/8 inches were added for the pleat. 

I was not sure I needed to do the pleat, but I did not want a form fit and I wanted movement and I needed some sort of interest for the front. 

The vintage lace is  11-1/4 inches wide. This is important: The lace has got to hit on the widest part of the hip, a little lower below the hip or right under the bust. Anywhere between those two places and you look like you are stuffed. It is not an attractive look. 

I experimented with the lace and where it should fall and was just amazed at how unattractive it could look if it was any higher than you see it in the picture. Note the Pinterest picture and were the lace begins and you will see that same hip placement.

The bottom of the lace is longer than the hem. This was so that the bottom of the garment has curves. Due to the weight of the lace, it wanted to sag. So that it does not sag, it is tacked into place where the larger filled in designs are and where ever there was a cross section on the lace. A bit of work, but worth it

I tried different things for the front of the top trying to get the look of the inspirational piece, but nothing worked for me except for the pleat and some wonderful vintage glass buttons. I found  5 of them at a flea market a couple weeks ago.
The buttons are heavy and without the pleat and the extra fabric to hold onto it may have caused the front center to sag.

Oh and one last change, since I changed the front opening I needed a way to get the top over my head. A placket was put in  on the back. I was also able to use that 5th button.
I still love that inspirational piece and I bet I make another rendition of it again once everything comes out of storage patterns included. I have some great lace pieces I could use, but in the mean time I have a new top which pictures are not doing justice and looks really good on me. Just in time for summer!


  1. your new blouse is just lovely-enjoy wearing it

  2. The lace is lovely. You did a great job I really like the pattern.

  3. Oh, Jean, that is really lovely!

  4. A lovely adaptation -- very nice.

  5. Very, very nice! I like what you did with the pattern.

  6. Oh wow you are creative, I love the top
    I would buy that if it is XL love it
    I'm going to look for something like it no pleat and no lace I do not have any that wide Love the style

  7. Oh my gosh, that is a wonderful blouse. I just picked up this pattern and now I shall refer back to you. I came to your blog via Stitcher's Guild.