Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Butterfly Jacket

Finally, another UFO is complete.! It is a year overdue and it is for a friend. As soon as I have an embroidery machine again I need to make one for myself! My machine is now in storage. The designs are from Zundt and the lace tape is modern. A 12 weight Sulky thread is sewn on top of the tape for added interest. The heavy weight grape leaf lace across the bottom hem and sleeves I bought at a flea market here in France. I have 26 meters of it in both white and off white. I loved it and as it was priced by the  bolt so I bought them both. One can never have too much lace to play with. This does not qualify as a lace bit, but it has been a wonderful addition to my stash!

So here is the jacket front:

And the  back:

On a final note, the sheet with the blue from this blog is finally out of the Biz bucket. It soaked for 2 weeks. 

The blue is very faint but still there. Not like it was before. This item is now totally usable for whatever project I decide to use it for in the future.


  1. The jacket is lovely. That grapevine edging is fabulous!

  2. It's beautiful, Jean!!! The lace edging is perfect for this project and I love the butterflies. You did an exceptional job on this jacket!!!