Saturday, November 17, 2012

New PJ's

I have a 5 year old nephew who, the last time I visited, loved everything Batman. He had Batman shoes, Batman socks, Batman shirts, Batman backpacks, toy bat caves,  and at least 5 Batmans of various sizes. What was missing was batman PJ's.

Being the good aunt (who sews) I decided to make him some  Batman PJ's. The last trip home I went to Jo-Ann's and found Batman fabric suitable for making PJ's. On sale I found a pattern. Not the one that I wanted, that one was sold out, but it was close enough for me to make a pair that would work just fine.

To the pattern I changed one of the shirts to have long sleeves and left off the pockets and ties at the pant bottoms.
Returning from kindergarten one day this week, after I had completed the bottoms, I asked him to try them on. He told me he could not since it was not bed time. If he put them on he was afraid that he would have to go to bed early. It took his mom telling him that it was Ok for him to  try them on.

He informed me that he didn't like Batman anymore, his mom confirmed to for me saying he had been saying that for several days, ever since he received a large stuffed Angry Bird named Al.
Funny, I would have guessed it, you know, that he did not like Batman. Earlier in the week when I walked in the kitchen I found the table was covered with Batmans and "bad guys".

So now it is Angry Birds. I wonder how long that one will last. Gee, I wonder if I can find fabric out there for another pair of PJs. Of course by the time I make them, who knows what character he would want instead. Kids are so fickle!

They are a little big, which is fine, at his age kids grow like weeds.  It is getting cold now so I am sure he will enjoy them, even if he does not like Batman.

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  1. That's what you get for making something without lace! However, they are pretty darn cute!