Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Christmas Stocking

I belong to a Quilting Guild in Germany. Every year at the November meeting they have a Christmas stocking exchange. All the stockings are placed on the table and then the fun begins! Last year I had made other plans earlier in the year and could not make it. This year I penciled it in early in the year so that I could be there.

To participate fully, they have a stocking exchange and here are the rules:
1.Make a stocking – the prettier, the better. People will get to choose from all the stockings on the table, and we want to see your talents!

2. Size: A4 (about 12 inches) is a pretty good height, but make any size you like. Make sure it’s large enough to enclose the gifts you are giving (more information about that below)

3. Stocking Material – anything goes

4. Pattern – anything goes

5. Line the stocking. Use interfacing, fleece or batting to add “body” to your work.

6. Add a cuff and hanging loop.

7. Fill the stocking with quilting items:

            a. Minimum:

                        i. Two excellent quilter’s quality Fat Quarters

                        ii. A treat like chocolate, candy, or similar

                        iii. Your name on a card so the recipient knows who made it

            b. Extras:

                        i. thread, quilt shop gift certificate, magazine or pattern, 
                           pins, rulers, buttons, key chain, tea, tree ornament, let
                           your imagination fly!

8. Hand sew the top of the stocking closed (with large stitches) so the goodies won’t fall out during the exchange activity!

I searched for a good stocking pattern, one that was not too fat or wonky. Everything was too big or too small for what I wanted so I ended up with the one out of an old issue of Sew Beautiful magazine.

It was huge so I had to shrink it down to an A4 size, Making sure I kept enough width for the goodies. I searched my stash for something interesting to use. The pattern from SB used lace. I was not in a lace mood. I did however have some really fun upholstery fabric. I also had some matching red fabric with snowmen on it.

For pattern making I like to use plastic sheeting, the heavy duty 4mil stuff. It comes in a package at the hardware store. I like to use plastic because I can see through it. It may cling to the fabric (could be a bad thing, I know) but it is worth that small hassle since when I need to match plaids or fussy cut something I can see right through the pattern piece.

For the lining I found some blue lining fabric, fabric content is polyester. I lined it with Sulky Tender Touch. I really like to use that product since it gives the lining enough body to stay down in the stocking. I did not have to sew it down across the top of the stocking, it  stays down by its self. Some ribbon did the trick for the hanging loop. And here is the final product.

Yes, the ribbon is sewn on backwards right now. (Made ya look, didn't I) I needed a break from it, but will go back and fix that before I give it away for the exchange.

Yes, I succumbed to the pressure of it all, there is lace on it. When I had it finished it, it was just missing something so I added the rayon lace trim at the bottom of the cuff. It added a very nice finish.

Now for goodies. That was the fun part. I have been to two sewing seminars this year and at both of them there were lots of door prizes. I have a pile of them. So I went through them and found some Sulky thread, Holoshimmer and a 30 and 12 wt Blendables that I have duplicates of and scissors that I could give away. I have a mixture of American and European candies, I found my fat quarters. I must have been in a green mood when I picked them from my stash in the States, on the last visit.
I am now in search of something French; I need to go get a chocolate Père Nöel for the stocking and then I am done.


  1. What a fun project! Have fun at the exchange.

  2. Lovely stocking, Jean! I love reading your blog. Happy Thanksgiving too!