Saturday, October 14, 2017

Oh look, I’m Published!

But first...

I just got back from a class in Orlando with Terry Fox and Louise Cuttings. Ya I know, I am living in France and I travel to the USA for a sewing class? Hard to explain, but I am not sure where home is and therefore, within reason, I will go where ever the classes are. As you can imagine, frequent flier miles help a whole lot.

My mom lives near Orlando so this was an easy choice for me. I sent some time visiting her and 4 days in a class.

This class was one of the best ones I have ever taken. Right down my alley. We started with 2 of Louise Cutting patterns; Light and Shadow and My Hearts a Flutter. We were asked to make a muslin to our closest size and then we made adjustments once there. 

We made the top on Light and Shadow and the tank from My Hearts a Flutter.

Once we had the fitting muslin, that is when the fun began. Here is an example of the Light and Shadow top after it had been haute coutured:
We had example after example with what we could do with the two designs. I focused on the other pattern, My Hearts a Flutter and first made the tank. My muslin needed to have the shoulder moved forward by 5/8", the side widened from an extra small to a small and the neck line redone so that there was extra on the shoulders. I am broad shouldered so I have a hard time fitting into tank tops ready to wear.
Quality of picture not too good, but it is linen/cotton I bought here in France at a store that sells fabric for curtains. Heavy weight and soft and just enough for a tank. Fits beautifully but I had to leave it in Florida for later. It is getting a little too cold in France for this this year.

I then turned my attention to another of her modifications to the same pattern and made this:


It needs facings and I will do that as I did bring it back with me to finish.

I drew off several other pattern ideas that I just have not had time to make yet. It will happen though. Right now though I am busy embroidering:

She will be done shortly for addition to a project I am making. She has been a wonderful train/plane/car project.

Ok, now to being published. Classic Sewing Magazine was kind enough to publish something I made. A friend sent me this as I will not see the magazine until December. 

That's me, page 115:
This is what it looks like:

How exciting


  1. I am bowled over by your creativity! Very inspiring :)

  2. Love to sew but fitting is another matter! Looks like you did a great job....Love the patterns. Congratulations on getting published!

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