Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

It doesn't matter where I am in the world, when it comes to finding lace bits, buttons and otherwise vintage textiles, I seem to be able to find them.

A couple weeks ago a friend told me about an Estate Sale nearby. Included in the estate sale was  quilting fabric, and a lot of it. The owner of the house had been a quilter and had amassed quite the stash of fabric. Most of it was in fat quarter or half yard pieces.

Before heading down to the sewing room, I instead went to the dining room and went for a search of a linen closet. 

In the dining room I found a stack of vintage linens and doilies. Sifting though them I noticed that all of them were hand made. Here is a picture of what I found:
In the linen closet upstairs I found 3 pillow cases with pulled thread work:
On a lower shelf in the linen closet I found a dust ruffle, you know that fabric, meant to hide underneath of the bed. I fits a full size bed. like new condition.
Finally I had time for the sewing room. 

Ignoring the fabric, I found a bag of buttons. I picked this bag because of the little black buttons I use so much in crafting. 
They are hard to find and can be expensive, This bag had many of them and as it was stapled shut I could not open it to inspect further.

Once I got home and was able to open the bag, I found:
Coat buttons of various sorts:
Red Glass buttons:

Mother of Pearl plain and carved buttons!!!!:
And other assorted buttons that I might never use that happened to reside in the bag:
Last but no least, and nothing to do with sewing, I found a reindeer in the den. I saw someone make a pin cushion out of one similar to this one.
Making a pin cushion was what I though when I bought it, but after lighting it's candle I really like it just the way it is and so it will become part of my holiday decor. Living is so many places, I don't have much of that.

And speaking of holiday decor, my Christmas ornaments are done and mailed. I thought I was done with them and then decided that they needed just a little sparkle. I made a run to the craft store for some glitter glue.
Yes, Sparkle is every fairy's best friend. 

Now it is time to get back to sewing....


  1. What a fun post to read! You found so many great treasures that I was drooling! The buttons were my favorite! Thanks for sharing your finds!

  2. I love going to estate sales, though I haven't been to any for quite some time. Garage sales have a similar appeal for me but estate sales give a glimpse into the lives of those who dwelled within the home--their interests and such. You found some really nice things at the sale. Those laces and needlework items are so lovely. Your little angel is so sweet!

  3. You certainly had a successful day at the sale! Love the buttons :)

  4. Lovely post and what fun you had. I do hope that you will add the widget so we can sign up to receive your posts directly in our mail and bypass the Bloglovin option.