Sunday, July 19, 2015

TAST week 1

Pintangles has begun a re-run of the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) challenge. You can read more about it here. I did not know about it the first time it ran, but since I am making my version of a "Peaches and Cream" crazy patch bed runner, ideas are always welcome. I had forgotten how hard it was sometimes to get ideas and inspiration for what to do next.

For the TAST challenge, this is week one and the stitch is the fly stitch. So much inspiration just this week alone. I was flooded on facebook with ideas. So many ideas what to choose? So many versions of what one can do with this stitch! So here is my version of it:
Do you see it? 
How about now?
It is the pale green stitch that makes up the base and outer area of the bud.  Ya I know, very subtle, but it is there! 

The little orange colored buttons are glass and vintage. The lace behind the stitching is left over from  The Second Filet Bag I finished earlier this year. Block number 3 is coming along nicely now. The tree is completed on the other side of the block and finally has some under growth:
The inspiration for this tree came from JennyPennyPoppy.

Here is her version:
She does beautiful work! 

I have to start block #4 soon. Here it is without anything added to it yet. It is waiting for an idea to come around.
I will be starting it soon.