Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grande Braderie finds

Every year my town has a Mirabelle fest. 

Mirabelles are little yellow plums with a distinctive flavor. Go here pictures and information about the mirabelle. In typical French fashion, at least typical here, in this part of France, the festival includes many "art" happenings, such as dances or types of art exhibition. Truly art is in the eye of the beholder! A Queen of the festival is crowned at the start of the 2 week long festival, after a vote on the internet of course. (new way of doing things now). 

On Wednesday there was the annual "Grande Braderie". This is a huge outdoor market for mostly things and clothes. It is a bargain hunters paradise if that is what you are searching for. The braderie take over the entire center of town. Blocks and blocks of vendors. As I have lived through this festival setting up right below my window with its people and noise for many years now, I have noticed that many of the stands are the same year in and year out. This year, knowing this, I had a list. 

Two years ago I found an ironing board cover I thought I would try. I love it!  I needed to go back and get a replacement cover for my board, its time. As there were only two fabric cover designs left to choose from, I got a 5 euro discount on the price I paid two years ago.

We have several shops in town that sell fabric for the house decor. The remnants are marked down to a very reasonable price. This year I found three pieces that interested me. The bottom one is linen, the middle one is chintz with the design of a bird in a tree and the top one is an embroidered linen. The bottom one screamed to me and told me to make it a skirt. The chintz I bought so that I could try my hand at broderie purse. I need a car/train/plane project as I am about to finish the hand portion to a project I have been working on. The top one, I just liked the texture and the color. I have no idea what it will become. The woman who sold it to me suggested that I make a small table cloth. I think not, but maybe place-mats. As it is a linen/cotton blend and it is machine embroidered, maybe a tank top for me. It has not spoke to me yet so I will let it sit so it can let me know what it wants me to do with it.

At another stand I go to every year, I found rayon lace. Always a huge bargain by any currency standard so I bought the 4 meters they had of the one I liked. Rayon dyes so beautifully. I can never have enough of it around the house to play with.

I am in a Christmas ornament exchange and if I am to participate this year, I have to come up with an idea and be done with something by the end of October. My December is going to be very busy this year. At one of the stores I found these. 
No idea what I want to do, but these might make a good base for what ever I make. 

At the same stand they had packs of three of small doilies in several sizes in white and ecru. again, no idea what to do with them now, but they are nice to have. 

Yes, I know I am buying things I do not need right now, but I find having a large stash really encourages my creativity.


  1. I have trouble passing up lace, fabric and crochet items, so I can sympathize with you on that!

  2. Nice fabrics, and that lace is wonderful! Here, that lace would be almost $10 a yard at it's regular price and not quite as pretty as the stuff you found. How neat that it is right under your window. No need to find parking.