Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Parcours D'Artistes

Last weekend our home participated in something called Parcours  D'Artistes. For the weekend our living room and spare bedroom became an art gallery. We have French friends who became artists after they retired from teaching in the French school system. I met them not long after I arrived in France because of our mutual sewing connections.

I won't say it was easy, furniture had to be moved and the place where visitors would be needed to be was made spotless. For the weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm a total of a little over 350 people and two dogs passed through our home looking at art. Now it is your turn so enjoy the pictures.

Welcome from the front door and your view down the hall.

Now to your left is the spare bedroom.

Painting on every wall
The quilt is gorgeous!

Farther down the hall is our "secret passageway", named by a young guest to our home several years ago. It is a sort of narrow hallway that loops the kitchen to the hallway without having to go through the living room.

We snuck in a couple of my pieces in this hallway. With so much wall space, we had a little left unused. The three wall-hangings to the left are mine as well as the orange and green on the right.

Farther down the "Secret Passageway" you can see the mirror. Just beautiful!

Last, but not least is the living room. To the left are these pieces

And some close ups. Have you noticed that I snuck in some of my vintage lace table cloths and doilies? Love the cat.

The picture is a commission piece. it is a beautiful mix of ceramic and fabric mounted on a board. Did I mention the cat?

Turning around to the other side of the entrance are these pieces. The glass table is part of the living room furniture. It was a fantastic match for the hands.
Continuing around the room, the wall facing the fireplace
A better look at the piece on the left
Finally the front view with the windows. In a previous blog you have seen what the view looks like from the windows
And the other side of the window
Finally to answer the question about the rest of the apartment.
Ya, it will be a little work to put it all back, but it was worth it.
Now before you go there is one more picture you need to see. French Kittie has a new friend, but not for long. Statue of Liberty kittie was just made as a gift. He makes the trip to NYC soon. Hopefully his new owner likes him and will take good care of him


  1. We'll never thank both of you enough....!!!!! It was a great weekend, we won't forget for long.......
    Catherine and Jean-Marie

  2. You have a lovely apt, Jean. Very, very nice and the artwork is so interesting. Thanks for sharing. So glad that you had fun.