Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rag Style bag

I have finished one of my UFO!

It's a bag I started a couple years ago using a common bag pattern that employs a pattern of patchwork squares. The backing, batting and top layer to each square are quilted together and then the quilted squares are sewn to each other with the seam allowances facing out. After the top was done, I had added a stabilizer and then a inside lining. I had sewn the bulk of the bag together and I stopped. I had used, and had sewn in an interfacing/stabilizer that I was very unhappy about the feel and look it added to the bag.

So it sat, and sat and sat, half finished in one of the drawers.
I am in a UFO challenge and this purse was one of the items I made sure I put on my list.

No wonder why I did not want to tackle it. Throwing it out might have been easier!
First it had to be taken apart and a different stabilizer had to be inserted. The bag then was sewn back together and the handles, strap and closure needed to be added. Since the bag is one of those rag style bags and I had already clipped it, let's just say, it was a messy job. Threads everywhere!

Finally once it was complete, it had to be washed so that the cut areas would "puff" to give that shaggy overall appearance.

I was able to know what to use inside of the bag due to having made the blue jean purse. The CraftsyDesign Your Own Handbag class has now been very handy on two projects.

Finally, here it is, complete at last.
I for one am glad it is done!