Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Second Pair of Denim Earrings

I have had time to play with more denim, taking it from a worn out pair of jeans. I made a second pair of earrings that I like a lot better than the first pair. They are half the size and contain just a little beading. I took a class here in France a couple weeks ago on beginning jewelry making. I found it very useful in making the connection between the earring wire and the denim piece.

I was given the bottom beads as a gift by someone who came to visit me last year. It has taken me a while to find the right project for them. I have some others I was given as well that I need to find a use. It  will come in time. In the meantime I like what I see here.

I gotta say, what I like best about these earrings are they are lightweight, very durable and best of all they were very easy to make.


  1. They are lovely earrings, very unique, and I like the fact that you said they were quick to make. Where in France are you, I have tried to find beading shops and courses to go on here in South West France, but so far I have failed!!! As a treat in October I am off to a craft fair in Toulouse which I am really looking forward too