Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vintage Lace Inspirations

Sometimes when I am at a flea market, something catches my eye. Now I am not an expert on lace, but I know what is ordinary and what is not. This last weekend I ran into some "inspirations" and a couple fun laces that I had to add to my collection.

The first, an "inspiration" is bobbin lace. Now I have seen vintage bobbin lace everywhere, but what makes this one unique is the use of color to define the pattern.
The blue thread was added later after the design was completed. If you look closely the blue outline is a well sewn whip stitch out of the same weight thread as the bobbin lace.
The next time I find a pretty bobbin lace, I am going to see if I can add to its look by adding color in this manner. In the mean time I have several yards of it and  I am thinking a sweater or a shirt would be a great use for this.

The second "inspiration" made me stop and take a real hard took.
Yes that is rickrack and it is crochet. I am looking hard at this one since it would apply itself to Battenburg and point lace. What fun!

The last two are just fun.
They are a zigzagged insertion lace. These will add a lot of interest where ever I end up using them. I do not find this type of thing often.
Hmmm, now what to do with them...

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  1. That rickrack is really a cool idea. I wonder how old these pieces are?